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maximising performance

Learning-by-doing’ is an insufficient description of what I have been on about these last twenty-five years; it is rather ‘Learning to learn-by-doing with and from others who are also learning to learn-by-doing.

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maximising  performance

ensuring change is sustained
building trust & engagement...




"on the line"
Ensuring Delivery - Summer 2012

Continuous Improvement - Eliminating Failure - Spring 2013

team coaching/programme remediation

The recovery of a business process programme at a Global Investment Bank

The remediation of a programme to set up a new wealth management business

How to recognise failing projects and programmes

Investment banking and mental health

Coaching or consulting

Cost cutting and team performance


The compatibility of action learning with inner game coaching - Action learning: Research & Practice, 2009

The Key to Survival - a look at how to achieve successful implementation of electronic trading alternatives - Risk Magazine 2000


Accelerating the Growth of Electronic Trading Systems to Gain a Greater Share of Fixed Income Trading Activity - Fixed Income Electronic Trading Conference, New York, 2001



learn from the best

On a regular basis we will be highlighting examples of elite performers and how we can learn from them.

Federer and Nadal





on court performance specialises in working with teams and individuals in the context of change to continually enhance performance


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