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maximising performance

The clever man will tell you what he knows; he may even try to explain it to you. The wise man encourages you to discover it for yourself, even though he knows it inside out. But since he seems to give you nothing, we have no need to reward him. Thus the wise have disappeared and we are left in a desolation of the clever

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maximising  performance

ensuring change is sustained
building trust & engagement...


what we do

We can assist in improving the performance of your organisation in a number of ways:


individual coaching

team performance coaching

programme recovery

strategic advisory

organisational development


Our approach

 discover - perform - sustain

coaching or consulting

action learning & coaching

so how does it work?

Our approach is holistic and transformational.  We take into account both inner and outer elements to bring clarity to the often experienced ambiguity of change. The outer elements are those measurable areas that any good consultant will address, including plan viability, process, organisation, leadership and skills.  The inner elements, including culture, values and beliefs, if these are not aligned added tension develops.  We assess how those of the team and the organisation are aligned.  This oft neglected  area is an integral part of maximising performance and ensuring change is sustained. 


We use techniques appropriate to the environment.  Together with our range of project and programme management tools, our performance development techniques include “inner game” coaching, action learning and energy management.

"Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance" - Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

We ensure a high level of engagement, both of team members and stakeholders at all levels.  Change is delivered quickly and effectively, improving the performance of the existing team. 

Inner game coaching has proven to work faster, both in sport and at work, than traditional teaching or development methods.


The combination of sound project management methods with our innovative coaching, action learning and energy management can deliver “more with less”. We build cohesive, high performing teams, an approach that has been proved at leading financial firms, including Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, EBS and RBS. 


In the current environment of uncertainty, our tools are highly effective in ensuring that team members remain focused, that they are part of the solution and own the change.




on court performance specialises in working with teams and individuals in the context of change to continually enhance performance


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