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maximising performance

"The clever man will tell you what he knows; he may even try to explain it to you. The wise man encourages you to discover it for yourself, even though he knows it inside out. But since he seems to give you nothing, we have no need to reward him. Thus the wise have disappeared and we are left in a desolation of the clever

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maximising  performance

ensuring change is sustained
building trust & engagement...


strategic advisory


Our focus is primarily on sustainable improvements in performance, both at the organisational and individual level.  We believe this is most effectively achieved by helping our partners develop the solution, rather than work in the directive manner of many advisors.


We do have extensive experience of leading high performing teams in a commercial context, particularly in financial institutions.  Consequently, have helped a number of leading firms address issues which are topical, including:

  • Analysis of how business strategy and planning in the revenue generating groups of a leading investment bank impacted capacity planning in the support groups, including technology, operations, etc.

  • Investigating the impact of automation and defining appropriate business models for the financial markets businesses of a leading inter-dealer broker.

  • Developing appropriate operating model for a European bank, across a range of geographies and cultures.







on court performance specialises in working with teams and individuals in the context of change to continualy enhance performance


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